๐Ÿ“ˆ Alpha Picks & Market Update

Welcome Investors!

Hereโ€™s your Alpha portfolio update for the week:

  • Returns so far this year -1.70%

  • Our leading stock is Safe Bulkers Inc currently at +5.85% while our position in Century Communities Inc is lagging at -6.4%

  • Total positions: 18
    See the investment portfolio for the rest of our positions.

Market Snapshot

  • US stocks mostly fell, as the Nasdaq fell for a consecutive fifth session.

    • The Nasdaq is down -3.53%, while the S&P 500 closed at -1.79%.

  • European stocks rose even as Germanyโ€™s inflation accelerated to 3.8%, its fastest rate since December; French consumer prices rose in line with expectations.

  • Oil is down 3% at $71.6/barrel due to price cuts by Saudi Arabia, offsetting supply concerns generated by escalating geopolitical tension in the Middle East.

  • Bitcoin closed the week at $43,952, up +6.2% year-to-date as the January 10th, 2024, deadline draws near for the SEC to decide whether to allow Bitcoin ETFs.

Alpha Picks of the Week

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Featured Analysis

Hedge Fund trading activity

Cabot Corp (CBT)

CBT is a global speciality chemicals and performance materials company. Its products include reinforcing and speciality carbons, speciality compounds, conductive additives, carbon nanotubes, fumed metal oxides, inkjet colourants and aerogel.

  • Net Income increased 112.14% since last year and held flat since last quarter.

  • CBT is trading in the middle of its 52-week range and above its 200-day simple moving average.

  • EPS increased 113.64% since last year and increased 185.98% since last quarter.

  • Hedge Funds decreased holdings since last quarter. However, Ray Dalio has recently added CBT to his portfolio, while Joel Greenblatt increased the holding by 603%.

Bitcoin Cycle Analysis

The chart you are seeing is used to gauge the market cycles of Bitcoin. It features three key elements:

  1. BTC Price (Black Line): This is the actual historical price of Bitcoin. It shows the volatility and the price evolution over the years.

  2. 2-Year Moving Average (Green Line): This line represents the average price of Bitcoin over the past two years at any given point. It helps smooth out the price data over a specified period and is a lagging indicator that follows the trend.

  3. 2-Year Moving Average x 5 (Red Line): This is the 2-year moving average price multiplied by five. This line is often considered a hypothetical upper boundary of the price, based on historical data.

When the price is above the 2-year MA, it's considered to be in a potential bullish trend, and when it's below, it may be in a bearish trend. The upper boundary (2-Year MA x 5) is used to indicate potential overbought conditions.

Action Plan for Investors:

  • The market is in a bullish phase without being overextended. This could be an opportunity to hold or accumulate positions with the expectation of continued appreciation.

  • Set stop-loss orders below the 2-year MA to protect capital.

  • Diversify investments across Top-20 crypto-assets to manage risk effectively.

  • A conservative allocation could range from 1-2% to a more aggressive stance of 5-10%, depending on your conviction and risk appetite.

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