Welcome to The Insider Memo

I am Abdul Samad Ali, the founder and CIO of The Insider Memo - your reliable source for investment insights and expert guidance.

As a busy professional and experienced investor, I understand the challenges and demands of trying to grow your wealth while juggling a full-time job and other commitments.

That's why I created The Insider Memo in 2019 - to help busy professionals and seasoned investors succeed in the market.

At Insider Memo, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals through informed investment decisions.

Our Investment Philosophy is centred on the belief that long-term success in the stock market can be achieved through a disciplined, data-driven approach.

Our proprietary Alpha Algorithm® has consistently outperformed the market in simulated back tests from 2000 to 2021 and live accounts since 2016, making us a trusted and confident expert in the field of investment.

  • We use our algorithm to generate a weekly list of top stock picks based on a combination of valuation, growth, profitability, momentum, and analyst estimates.

In addition to our stock picks, we also provide weekly market commentary and insights to help our subscribers stay informed and make informed investment decisions.

Whether you're looking for weekly stock picks and market insights, or personalised investment portfolios and quant-based investment strategies, Insider Memo has something to offer you.

Our monthly subscription options provide access to a wealth of past picks and insights, as well as actionable insights on emerging trends and companies.

We are a knowledgeable and reliable source of top-quality investment information and guidance and we are committed to helping you become a savvier, long-term investor.

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